Based Introduction

BASED v2 Update from 12.04.2024 - Introducing Vibe Trading

We’ve been cooking up a feast in the background, and the delay in communication was largely figuring out how we would serve the meal to you. Along the development journey for Based V2, at a certain point it became quite obvious that the project had evolved in a totally different direction from Based, in design, branding, functionality, chain appropriateness, and that it became necessary to deviate from the original “Based V2” plans.

Here are our plans for the future:

 Based V1 remains on Basechain.

It will have a totally new serviced frontend developed by IntentX in a design style more fitting for the degen-nature of the chain.

Functionality and features will soon be added such as TP/SL solution, share cards, token lists, My Account screens, trade history csv download, PWA app, and much more.

We’ve also just hired a social media manager who will take the reigns and promote the project as it deserves. Based will remain the [new and improved] degen perp platform on Basechain.

#2 Based V2 will become… Vibe Trading.

Intent on BuildOnBase

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