Intent-based trading

for degenerates

Based Markets are built ontop of SYMMIOs architecture.


BASED Markets are Intent-based derivatives.

  • NO LPs. NO OrderBooks

  • NO Trading Based on Oracles Prices.

  • NO Infinite Slippage and the associated LP risks

  • NO pre locked liquidity, and the Capital Inefficiencies that come with it.

Based Markets are 100% economically sound & based-pilled.

PartyA Intent 1 BTC Long - PartyB responds 1 BTC Short

Alice (PartyA) sends an Intent to the contract (1 BTC Long), Bob (PartyB) responds, and opens a countertrade (1 BTC Short). Both sides lock collateral and are immutably locked into the trade. 3 Party Liquidators are now observing their position to ensure they are solvent at all times.

The Result, 100% economical and sound permissionless onchain derivatives.

Based economical derivatives system

Because all trades are isolated, the Based Market model allows for great capital efficiency.

Based presents a platform that provides true leverage not only for traders but also for Liquidity Providers. The System doesnt need overcollateralization on the LP side due to the platform's capability to isolate each trade, thereby eliminating all tail-end risks associated with an unsound system like GMX.

Check out the docs of SYMMIO to learn more how based its capital efficiency is.

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