Fair Launch - Token distribution

BASED Markets detailed token distribution

The total supply of $BASED tokens will be precisely one million (1,000,000 $BASED).

300,000 $BASED

will be locked in the Liquidity Pool (LP), with a lock-up period extending over four years.

50,000 $BASED

will be reserved to aquire SYMM tokens via their crowdloan program to receive better profit share and more trading fees, every $BASED used to aquire $SYMM increases the profit for staked $BASED.

The remaining quantity of 650,000 $BASED will be minted through a "trade to earn" model over the subsequent four-year timeframe.

This will be emitted as follows:

  • First year, 300,000 $BASED, 25,000 per month.

  • Second year, 200,000 $BASED, 16,666.67 per month.

  • Third year 100,000 $BASED, 8,333.33 per month.

  • Fourth year 50,000 $BASED, 4,166.67 per month.

The launch is designed to be 100% fair.

There will be no team allocations, venture capital investments, or unlocked tokens.

Any token dumps will be a direct result of your actions only.

There will be a one-month delay from the initiation of token deployment and LP seeding, commencing at the start of August, until the "trade to earn" model is implemented afterwards.

This interval will provide ample time for the community to familiarize themselves with the project.

Contracts for distributing the "trade to earn" rewards are immutably deployed, with instructions to mint 650,000 $BASED tokens over 4 years. https://github.com/Based-Markets/Contracts/blob/fe91ed0315d0a8fe999a4ccba722ae8f60a3b990/contracts/Based.sol#L74

These contracts are designed with a single capability – to dispatch a pre-defined number of tokens to the "DiBs - trade to earn" contract daily.

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