Based Yield & Trade to earn model

Earn platform trading fees, by staking $BASED.

Based Markets charge a platform fee for each newly opened derivatives trade, currently set at 10 basis points of the collateral used to open the trade. 100% of BASED generated profits are paid out to $BASED stakers, no LP or Team fees are charged.

Higher Trading volume means higher fees, and higher APRs for $BASED stakers, creating a Pepe- approved flywheel.

A part of the platform fees are shared with SYMMIO which provides the trading engine, read their docs for more info.

Trade to earn model

Whenever a user trades on Based Markets he will get paid in $BASED tokens, the more volume the more $BASED tokens you get. The system aggregates your volume on a daily basis and is running off-chain to be lightweight, you will be able to claim your rewards daily on the website.

The more you trade, the more you earn.

The trade-to-earn model utilizes the DiBs Rewarder contracts and infrastructure.

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